Photo by Alexa Frankovitch
Photo by Alexa Frankovitch

BFA Photography, Shepherd University

Based in San Francisco Bay Area

I love music. I hug trees. I adore chocolate. I heart San Francisco.


My BFA in Photography didn’t lead to a career as the next Annie Leibovitz. And that’s okay. I found my own path. Trail, actually. Photographing my hikes in Berkeley’s Tilden Park led to the publishing of my first book and to the idea for Solo Expedition California. One photographer. One camera. One day in a national, regional or state park in my backyard of Northern California. These adventures generated seven more books.


In 2019, I moved from the trails to the streets of my favorite city. It was my work shooting on Haight Street that inspired my first t-shirt collection and the launch of Denise Barnhart photosounds - my very own web shop! Pick up some tees, books, and prints today at photosoundsDb.com


For 2020, I will be alternating between urban and nature, looking for some amazing new stories to tell. Follow me on Instagram for my most recent creations.