32nd Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition

I was so honored to be featured in the 2018 Emeryville Art Exhibition. Thanks to all those who came out to say "Hi" and supported the arts with a purchase. Hopefully it won't be another 9 years before my next exhibit!


In Summer of 2009, I held my first solo exhibit in Los Angeles. Every shot in "Treehugging" was all natural - no flash or other artificial lighting, no filters, and no photoshopping or digital enhancements.  I used film, Fujicolor Superia to be exact. Click on any thumbnail to start the slideshow.

Trees inspire me. They have strong, deep and wide roots. They are always grounded, but they are always growing. Trees never stop reaching for new heights. And they are resilient - a storm may come along once in a while and knock off some or all of their leaves, but the enduring tree blossoms again in the Spring.