Everything has changed
Everything has changed

Photography that goes to 11

I am a photo essayist.

I tell musical stories.

Photosounds originated in my nature photography in 2017. I found inspiration in music. Or, I should say, I HEARD inspiration. The forest sang to me, and I started to listen for musical stories everywhere I went.


I use photography to connect people to frozen moments of a place and time. By personifying my subjects within songs, I can also draw attention to the intrinsic connection between humans and nature.


We are constantly surrounded by movement. Multi-tasking at work and home. Streaming entertainment and news. Scrolling through endless 15-second videos of puppies.


I hope my photographs encourage viewers to stop and hear the roses. To look at the details and listen to the stories that make every place special. And to seek out the musicals in their own world.



When I was little, I left notes and drawings for my parents if I had a question or needed something. Photosounds seem like the natural evolution of my early communications. I guess deep down, they are my way of starting a conversation. Even introverts need human connection.