Photo by Mason Foster
Photo by Mason Foster

BFA Photography, Shepherd University

Based in San Francisco 

I love music. I hug trees. I adore chocolate. I heart San Francisco. But those are chapters of my story for another time.  


The photosounds chapter began in 2018 while hiking in Berkeley’s Tilden Park. I heard music on the trails and in the trees, so I picked up my camera to capture those moments. The resulting images and songs came together in my first book, Tilden: An Epic Photo Poem. And with that book, I discovered my calling:  


I’m a photo essayist, and I tell musical stories. 


From mountain trails to city streets, I’ve been recording the photosounds of my northern California home. It is my passion, and with my books (now 9 of them!) and Instagram Gallery, my purpose is to help you see scenes in a new way and to inspire you to look and listen for the musicals in your world. 

What is photography that goes to 11?

It’s more than a picture, it’s a feeling. It’s the aura of a place and time that draws you in and intimately connects you to our world.


Also, my photography gives more by giving back. Between 10%-100% of profits from my photosounds merchandise go to environmental and humanitarian causes. Because we are all connected. 

Donations for 2020:

Save the Redwoods League

Yosemite Conservancy

National Parks Arts Foundation

National Parks Conservation Association

National Parks Traveler


World Central Kitchen

No Kid Hungry

Random Acts

Fair Fight Action

Photo Start



I also distributed Wild Wraps from my "Buy One Give One" promotion to neighbors experiencing homelessness. The small kits also contained disposable masks, hand sanitizer, and a couple snacks. Thanks to everyone who participated!