about me

It took me a while to find my light. I earned a BFA in Photography from a small-town college in West Virginia – a long time ago and a galaxy far away from San Francisco where I live now. Not wanting to be a starving artist, I pursued other opportunities to “make a living”.


The jobs I took over the years seemed random at the time. But looking back I think they all have something in common: Storytelling. In advertising, I learned how to tell a compelling story in as few words as possible. In television and film, I saw a whole lifetime of story brought to life in two hours or less. In events, I helped tell a brand’s story through the creation of immersive experiences and engaging marketing collateral.


And now I help companies and organizations tell their stories their way. Social media, e-mail campaigns, website copy, digital and print brochures, proposals, and more. I am also supporting a nonprofit – crafting short and long messages to engage their community and motivate donors. 


Through writing, design, or photography or a combo of all three, storytelling is my light.