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Dear Padhington STOP

You are such a snack STOP

I confess I am crushing hard STOP 

Attempts to move Mom to France have failed STOP

I will not give up STOP

Yours from afar STOP



Dear Linus STOP 

It is summertime STOP

Getting jiggy with it STOP

Just the two of us STOP

Naps are so fresh STOP


Dear Svea STOP

Empty plates are sad STOP

Note my technique for faster service STOP

60% of the time it works every time STOP

Bon Appetit STOP



Dear Creo STOP

Tax season is here STOP

Looks like your 2020 was rough too STOP

You can claim the human as a dependent STOP

Belly rubs count as healthcare deduction STOP

Hope this helps STOP


Dear Merry and Pippin STOP

Need bandmates for Giselle and the Pussycats STOP

Can you sing and dance STOP




Dear Lucky STOP

We may be related STOP

Cuteness runs in the fam STOP

Where was your Dad in August 2017 STOP



Dear Akko STOP

I see your golden eyes STOP

And raise you these copper peeps STOP

Together we can melt the world STOP

Evil laugh STOP