international day of persons with disabilities

On December 3rd, the United Nations observed the International Day of Persons with Disabilities to promote the rights and well-being of the estimated 1 billion people living with disabilities worldwide. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, people with disabilities are facing greater challenges gaining access to vital services, education, and employment. Making matters worse, a majority of them live in developing countries. As a result, they are less likely to participate in the economy, which in turn drives them to poverty.*


Photo Start embraces inclusivity and has worked with our wonderful Partners to create programs for all of their students. Our innovative curriculum ensures no one is left behind. 


Since 2018 we have partnered with Carel du Toit (Cape Town, South Africa), whose mission is to teach children with hearing impairments to speak and function optimally in a hearing world. Photo Start classes help these students find their voice and express themselves in their first language, which is visual.


In Nairobi, Kenya, we work with Anapendeza. They provide job training opportunities for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as emotional and mental limitations. This year we were part of their Apprentice Skills course which aimed to enable students to set up microbusinesses.


At Inua Mimi Rescue Center (Nairobi, Kenya), where we’ve operated since 2016, children are rescued from a variety of situations and given an education and an opportunity to explore and expand their talents. 10-year-old Nifa came to IMRC from an unhealthy home and was withdrawn, uncommunicative and exhibiting traits of a child with special needs. After two weeks with a camera, she was noticeably more confident and outgoing. She’s become a beloved member of the Photo Start family. 


By making Photo Start programs accessible to all children and young adults, we hope to bolster the economy and create a brighter future for all of us.




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Photo by Photo Start